Acknowledgments and Thanks (2010–2023)


Walter Feilchenfeldt
David Nash
Jayne Warman

with assistance from
Lucy Dew
Parker Field
Bettina Kaufmann
Andreas Narzt
Fabienne Ruppen

as well as Katherine Atkins, Sonia de Laforcade, Nancy Little,
Heidi Quicksilver and Jessie Sentivan

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Special thanks must be given to our colleagues in the Société Paul Cezanne for their invaluable contributions to the project, in particular, Michela Bassu, Philippe Cezanne, François Chédeville, Denis Coutagne, Ann Hoenigswald, Pavel Machotka, Alain Mothe and Fabienne Ruppen. Other members of the Société Cezanne who graciously supported the project with their expertise include: Dita Amory, Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer, Isabelle Cahn, John Elderfield, Michel Fraisset, Judit Geskó, Anita Haldeman, Raymond Hurtu, Mary Tompkins Lewis, Daniel Marchesseau, Takanori Nagaï, Sylvie Patry, Xavier Rey, Sabine Rewald, and Joseph Rishel.

The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., Musée d'Orsay in Paris and Archivio Venturi in Rome, have been very supportive of the project by granting access to their vast archives and providing images for the catalogue.

Museum directors, curators, scholars, private collectors, auction house colleagues and dealers, have been very willing to offer their assistance whenever asked, too numerous to list individually. 

The online catalogue raisonné project could not have been realized without the financial support of the International Music and Art Foundation.