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Le Golfe de Marseille vu de l'Estaque
c. 1885
Alternate titles: L'Estaque; Landscape at Estaque; Le Golfe de Marseille, vu de L'Estaque; The Bay of Marseille Seen from L'Estaque; The Gulf of Marseille see from L'Estaque
Rewald: (626) c.1885; Venturi: (493) 1886–90; Venturi revised: c.1890; Ratcliffe: either November 1883–February 1884 or early 1885
Oil on canvas
31 5/8 x 39 5/8 in. (80.2 x 100.6 cm)



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Exhibition History

1911 Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum, Moderne Kunst Kring, no number, lent by Hoogendijk.
1921 Hamburg: Galerie Commeter
1929 New York: The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y, The museum's first loan exhibition: Cézanne, Gauguin, Seurat, van Gogh, no. 18, ill, Landscape at Estaque, lent by The Art Institute of Chicago, Ryerson Collection.
1933b Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago, Ill, A Century of Progress, no. 309, ill. (dated c. 1886–88), lent by Art Institute.
1934 Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago, Ill, A Century of Progress, no. 293 (dated c. 1886–88), L'Estaque, lent by The Art Institute of Chicago.
1934 Philadelphia: Pennsylvania Museum of Art, Pa, Cézanne, no. 26 (dated c. 1886–88), L'Estaque, lent by The Art Institute of Chicago.
1952 Chicago and traveling: The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Ill, Cézanne: Paintings, Watercolors & Drawings, A Loan Exhibition, no. 50, ill, lent by Chicago.
1971 Washington, D.C. and traveling: Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C, Cézanne: An Exhibition in Honor of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Phillips Collection, no. 21.
1984–85 Los Angeles and traveling: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, Calif, A Day in the Country: Impressionism and the French Landscape, no. 129, lent by Art Institute of Chicago.
1990 Edinburgh: National Gallery of Scotland, Cézanne and Poussin: The Classical Vision in Landscape, no. 45, ill.
1995–96 Paris and traveling: Réunion des musées nationaux / musée d'Orsay, Tate Gallery and Philadelphia Museum of Art, Paris, Cézanne, no. 114, ill.
1998 St. Petersburg and traveling: State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Cézanne and the Russian Avant-Garde, no. 20, ill. (dated c. 1885–86).
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2009 Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pa, Cézanne and Beyond, pl. 197, p. 502, Le Golfe de Marseille, vu de L'Estaque.

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Page citation: Feilchenfeldt, Walter, Jayne Warman, and David Nash. "Le Golfe de Marseille vu de l'Estaque, c. 1885 (cat. no. 196)." The Paintings of Paul Cézanne: An Online Catalogue Raisonné. (accessed August 18, 2018).
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