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La Route tournante (rue des Roches au Valhermeil, Auvers-sur-Oise)
c. 1881
Alternate titles: Environs d'Aix; Environs d'Aix-en-Provence; Environs of Aix; La Route tournante; La Route tournante au Valhermeil, Auvers-sur-Oise; Turn in the Road; Twisting Road
Rewald: (490) c.1881; Venturi: (329) 1879–82; Venturi revised: c.1881; Cooper: spring 1881; Gowing: c.1881 (Edinburgh); Machotka et al: circa 1881
Oil on canvas
23 5/8 x 28 11/16 in. (60 x 73 cm)


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Exhibition History

1928d New York: Wildenstein Galleries, N.Y, Paul Cézanne, no. 14, Environs d'Aix, lent by Spaulding.
1929 Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, Mass.
1929 Cambridge, Mass.: Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, Mass, French Painting of the XIXth and XXth Centuries, no. 5, pl. XXIII, Environs d'Aix-en-Provence, lent by John T. Spaulding.
1931–32 Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, Mass.
1934 Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago, Ill, A Century of Progress, no. 292, Environs of Aix, lent by John T. Spaulding.
1948 Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, Mass, The John T. Spaulding Collection, no. 8, pl. 2.
1952 Chicago and traveling: The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Ill, Cézanne: Paintings, Watercolors & Drawings, A Loan Exhibition, no. 42, ill, lent by Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
1954 Edinburgh and traveling: Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Paintings by Cézanne, no. 26, pl. III, lent by MFA, Boston.
1959e New York: Wildenstein Galleries, N.Y, Loan Exhibition: Cézanne, no. 19, ill, lent by Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
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1995–96 Paris and traveling: Réunion des musées nationaux / musée d'Orsay, Tate Gallery and Philadelphia Museum of Art, Paris, Cézanne, no. 76, ill, shown in Philadelphia only.
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2009 Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pa, Cézanne and Beyond, pl. 206, p. 524, La Route tournante.
2012–13 Budapest: Museum of Fine Arts, Cézanne and the Past: Tradition and Creativity, no. 110, ill.

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Alain Mothe has identified the site as rue des Roches au Valhermeil, hence the new title.

Courtesy Alain Mothe
Courtesy Alain Mothe
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