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Le Garçon au gilet rouge
Alternate titles: Boy in a Red Waistcoat; Boy with a Red Vest; Garçon au gilet rouge; Il farsetto rosso; L'Italien au gilet rouge; Le Gilet rouge
Rewald: (659) 1888–90; Venturi: (682) 1890–95; Venturi revised: c.1895; Cooper: 1893–94; Gowing: 1888–90; Reff: early 1890s (MoMA)
Oil on canvas
36 3/16 x 28 11/16 in. (92 x 73 cm)
Vollard B stockbook: no. 4349, Portrait de jeune homme italien debout (voir le No. 4157), 92 x 73 cm (3000 frs)
Vollard archives: photo no. 534, Annotated: 1888

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Exhibition History

1895 Paris: Galerie Vollard, Paul Cézanne, Fabbri buys.
1910a Paris: Galerie Bernheim-Jeune, Paul Cézanne, no. 24, Le Gilet rouge, lent by E. Fabbri.
1920 Venice: Biennale, Mostra Individuale di Paul Cézanne, no. 9 (dated 1880), Il farsetto rosso, lent by Fabbri.
1921 Basel: Kunsthalle, Cézanne, no. 34, L'Italien au gilet rouge, lent by Fabbri.
1936d London: New Burlington Galleries, Masters of French Nineteenth-Century Painting, no. 94, Garçon au gilet rouge, lent by Private collection.
1936f Paris: Paul Rosenberg, Le Grand Siècle, no. 5 (dated 1895), lent by Private collection.
1937d New York: Knoedler Galleries, N.Y, French Figure Pieces of the XIXth Century, no. 17, ill.
1940 San Francisco: Calif, Golden Gate International Exposition, no. 137.
1940f New York: New York World's Fair, N.Y, Masterpieces of Art, no. 347, ill, Boy with a Red Vest, lent by Jakob Goldschmidt.
1941b New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y, French Painting from David to Toulouse-Lautrec, no. 8, fig. 46.
1942d New York: Paul Rosenberg, N.Y, Paintings by Cézanne, no. 18, ill, lent by Goldschmidt.
1945b New York: Wildenstein Galleries, N.Y, Four Centuries of Portraits, no. 34.
1947b New York: Wildenstein Galleries, N.Y, Cézanne, no. 53, ill, lent by Goldschmidt.
1949c New York: Durand-Ruel, N.Y, What They Said: Postscript to Art Criticism, no. 10, ill.
1950–51a Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Arts, Pa, Diamond Jubilee Exhibition, Masterpieces of Painting, no. 83, ill, Boy with a Red Vest, lent by J. Goldschmidt.
1953d New York: Greenwich House Music School Committee, N.Y, The Jakob Goldschmidt Collection, no number, p. 2.
1955a Paris: Orangerie, De David à Toulouse-Lautrec: Chefs-d'oeuvre des collections américaines, no. 3, pl. 66, lent by J. Goldschmidt.
1966 Washington, D.C.: National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C, French Paintings from the Collections of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon and Mrs. Mellon Bruce, no. 70, ill.
1971 Washington, D.C. and traveling: Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C, Cézanne: An Exhibition in Honor of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Phillips Collection, no. 24.
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2004–05 Essen: Museum Folkwang, Cézanne: Aufbruch in die Moderne, ill, p. 53, Le Garçon au gilet rouge.
2006–07 New York and traveling: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y, Cézanne to Picasso: Ambroise Vollard, Patron of the Avant-Garde, no. 38, fig. 29, pp. 28, 340, Le Garçon au gilet rouge.
2017–18 Paris and traveling: Musée d'Orsay, Paris, Cézanne Portraits, no. 15.1, ill.
2017–18a Paris: Musée d'Orsay, Cézanne Portraits, no. 45, ill.

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