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Madame Cézanne cousant
c. 1877
Alternate titles: Madame Cézanne; Madame Cézanne au fauteuil rouge; Madame Cézanne Sewing; Nähende Frau (Madame Cézanne); Portrait de Mme Cézanne; Portrait of the Artist's Wife
Rewald: (323) c.1877; Venturi: (291) c.1877; Venturi revised: c.1877; Rivière: 1877
Oil on canvas
23 5/8 x 19 5/8 in. (60 x 49.7 cm)

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theme: Portrait »

Exhibition History

1909b Berlin: Paul Cassirer, XII. Jahrgang, III. Ausstellung, no. 4, Nähende Frau (Madame Cézanne), lent by Vollard.
1917 Zürich: Kunsthaus, Französische Kunst des XIX und XX. Jahrhunderts, no. 9, ill, Madame Cézanne, lent by A.K[ann].
1928a Paris: Galerie La Renaissance, Figures féminines d'Ingres à Picasso, no. 29.
1929 New York: The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y, The museum's first loan exhibition: Cézanne, Gauguin, Seurat, van Gogh, no. 6, ill. (dated c. 1880), Madame Cézanne Sewing, lent by Joseph Hessel.
1930a Paris: Galerie Pigalle, Exposition Cèzanne, 1839–1906: Quelques souvenirs, no. 22, Portrait de Mme Cézanne, lent by Hessel.
1934b New York: Durand-Ruel and Paul Rosenberg, N.Y, Great French Masters of the Nineteenth Century, no. 2, ill. (dated 1880), Madame Cézanne cousant.
1936 Toledo: Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, Cézanne and Gauguin, no. 33, ill, Madame Cézanne au fauteuil rouge, lent by Durand-Ruel, New York.
1938c New York: Galerie Durand-Ruel, N.Y, Cézanne, no. 9.
1954 Stockholm: Liljevalchs Konsthall, Cézanne till Picasso, fransk konst i svensk ägo, no. 67, ill, p. 19, Portrait de Mme Cézanne.
1997–98 Stockholm: Nationalmuseum, Cezanne i blickpunkten, no. 3, ill, pp. 32–35.
2002–03 Stockholm and traveling: Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Impressionism and the North: Late 19th Century French Avant-Garde Art and the Art in the Nordic Countries 1870–1920, no. 31, ill, p. 197, Portrait of the Artist's Wife.
2008 Humlebæk: Louisiana Museum of Art, Cézanne and Giacometti: Paths of Doubt, no. 7, p. 50, Madame Cézanne cousant, lent by Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.
2008–09 Yokohama and traveling: Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama, Homage to Cézanne: His Influence on the Development of Twentieth Century Painting, no. 7, ill, p. 50, Madame Cézanne cousant.
2011–12 Paris: Musée du Luxembourg, Cézanne et Paris, no. 56, ill, p. 187, Madame Cézanne cousant, lent by Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.
2014–15b New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y, Madame Cézanne, n.n, pl. 5, Madame Cézanne Sewing, lent by Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.
2017–18 Paris and traveling: Musée d'Orsay, Paris, Cézanne Portraits, no. 7.2, ill.
2017–18a Paris: Musée d'Orsay, Cézanne Portraits, no. 23, ill.

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Page citation: Feilchenfeldt, Walter, Jayne Warman, and David Nash. "Madame Cézanne cousant, c. 1877 (cat. no. 442)." The Paintings of Paul Cézanne: An Online Catalogue Raisonné. (accessed June 22, 2018).
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